Reasons to Use a DWI Defense Lawyer in Independence, MO

by | Jun 17, 2021 | Personal Injury

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You’ve been charged with driving while intoxicated and are considering hiring a DWI defense lawyer in Independence, MO. You’re worried about paying high legal fees and you’re not sure what a lawyer can do to influence the result of your case. So you are asking yourself, is it worthwhile? Or should you represent yourself in court and take your chances?

There are many reasons why defending oneself in a DWI case is not a wise decision. It’s easy to understand why hiring an experienced defense attorney is your best option when you examine what’s at risk and what’s needed in providing a good case.

Laws Are Complicated

There are multiple complicated problems involved in comprehending a DWI case, from the definition of “driving under the influence” to the varied punishments for the various DWI-related charges that exist under Missouri law. To properly defend yourself, you must have a thorough understanding of the law and know how to use it to your benefit.

Greatly Impacts Your Life

A DWI conviction can have far-reaching consequences in your life, including the loss of your license, money, and freedom. If you are convicted, finding well-paying work will be much more difficult and your housing possibilities will be limited. If you think about going to college, your education may be jeopardized.

Up Against Experienced Prosecutors

When you are charged with DWI, the prosecutor’s office controls your case. This implies that expert attorneys on the opposite side will be working hard to condemn you. You will be at a considerable disadvantage if you do not have your DWI defense lawyer in Independence, MO.