Secure The Future Of Your Loved Ones – Estate Planning In Greene County

by | Mar 24, 2012 | Law

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No one wants to think about when they will pass,  and what will happen finacially to their families when they do.  But everyone must invest the time in estate planning in Greene County to ensure their loved ones are being taken care of in the future. When a person dies without a will control is taken away from the family and there is no telling what will happen to the family assets. It has also been found that when a will has not been created the family ends up paying a considerable amount of money to have your personal affairs dealt with. No one wants to leave that kind of burden on their family and therefore it is essential that you create a will and a meet with an estate planning lawyer.

What information do I need for estate planning in Greene County?

If you are choosing to do your own estate planning in Greene County you will want to ensure that all of your valuable papers and documents are kept together in a safe place. These documents might include marriage certificates, insurance policies, and bank records and so on. You should always inform a family member where they can find a copy of these documents and copy of your will.

The process of estate planning in Greene County

To ensure that everything is in order you will want to review your life insurance policies to make sure everything is up to date. Each of your insurance policies should have a named beneficiary. In most cases the spouse will be the beneficiary but in the event that your spouse has already passed you must make sure that all policies have been updated. If there are any mistakes there could be problems for your children and relatives in terms of finances.

Estate planning in Greene County should include liquid assets

To avoid a sale of assets after you have passed you must ensure that you have kept some of your assets as liquid assets. This will enable your family members to have off debts and other bills in the event of your untimely death. If this has not been done, assets will need to be sold off in order to recover money owed to any outside parties. A forced sale of assets often results in trouble for the family.

Estate planning in Greene County is best done under the advisement of an attorney who is trained to deal with such matters. The attorney can advise you on what needs to be done before your death and to ensure that you last will and testaments is sound. The attorney can also work with your family after your passing to ensure that things run smoothly.