Should You Speak with a Criminal Defense Attorney in Santa Clarita CA Before an Arrest?

by | Mar 14, 2019 | Attorney

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It’s possible for someone to know that an arrest is imminent. They may have been questioned by the police already and may know they are a suspect in a case. In these instances, it’s going to be far better for them to go ahead and contact a criminal defense attorney in Santa Clarita CA for help now instead of waiting. There are a few ways this can help.

Help With Questioning Before an Arrest

It doesn’t matter when a person is questioned if they say anything that could be incriminating even if it’s taken out of context, it could hurt their case. If someone is asked to go to the police station to answer questions about a crime, it never hurts to have an attorney with them. It will not make them look guilty. It simply protects them from accidentally saying something that could be used against them.

Help Dealing With Bail

If the person is arrested, quickly paying bail can enable them to get out of jail while they go through the criminal court system. If the person already has an attorney, their attorney can work to secure a lower bail amount so it’s easier for the person to pay it in full and be released from jail right away. This could be the difference between being able to afford bail and having to stay in jail throughout the hearings.

Get Started Preparing a Defense

An attorney doesn’t need to wait for criminal charges to be filed before they start working on defense for their client. They will know exactly what the situation is, which lets them infer what the potential criminal charges are. They can start working on a defense immediately and, in some cases, find evidence to have the charges dismissed as fast as possible after they’re filed.

If you believe you’re a suspect in a crime and may be arrested soon, go ahead and speak with a criminal defense attorney in Santa Clarita CA today to get on top of everything and start getting the help you’ll need to deal with this situation. Contact us to learn more about how a defense attorney can help or speak with a defense attorney today.