Signs and Symptoms of Elder Neglect to Watch Out for

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Lawyers

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If you have had to put your elderly loved one in the care of others, then you have probably already heard the horror stories about elder neglect in Sacramento by everyone from at home to nursing home caregivers. Of course, you love your relative and want to know what signs and symptoms to watch for, since you can’t be around all of the time. Read on below for some of the signs and symptoms of elder neglect in Sacramento area to watch out for.

Bed Sores
While in some cases, bedsores are unavoidable, there is no excuse for them to grow to a large size and cause the patient unmeasurable pain.

Broken Bones or fall injuries
Broken bones or falls that are constantly happening and can’t be explained are common signs of neglect in elderly patients. This usually means that the patient is trying to do things for themselves and the caregiver is paying them little or no attention.

A Patient Who is wandering
If you come home, or to visit, and find your parent wandering around unsupervised, this is a sign of neglect, especially in patients with Alzheimer’s. Wandering for these patients can end in tragedy if you aren’t careful and nip the neglect in the bud right away.

Weight Loss that is Sudden
While it is common for elderly people to lose weight, weight loss that is drastic with no reason behind it could be a sign of neglect. This is a sign that the patient is not being fed properly and needs to be addressed as soon as you can get them to a doctor. If there is nothing medically wrong, then the possibility of neglect needs to be addressed as well.

There are many causes of dehydration in older people; very few of them can be excused. Everyone knows that their body needs water in order to function. If the dependent person is dehydrated and not ill, then it is very probably a result of being neglected by the person who is supposed to be caring for them.

These are just a few of the signs and symptoms of elder neglect in society today that you will want to watch out for. From dehydration to sudden drops in weight, elder abuse and neglect needs to be stamped out and the elderly of society treated with respect above all others.