Skilled Representation from an Experienced Accident Lawyer in Roseville, CA

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Accident Attorney, Attorney, Law, Lawyers

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Being the victim of an accident caused by another’s incompetence or negligence can be a terrifying experience since it affects the victim’s health, employment, income, and many other aspects of their life. Not knowing how long they may be unable to work while medical expenses pile up can create serious stress, and the most prudent action is to procure the services of an experienced accident lawyer in Roseville, CA.

A reputable law firm will provide a free initial consultation where the victim can explain the details of their accident and ask any questions they may have. Based on the information that is gathered, the attorney will determine if there is a legitimate case and will explain to the client how he plans to proceed. Some attorneys will work on a case on a contingency basis, meaning that, if the case is not settled or won, there will be no fees charged.

While an attorney will work diligently to construct a case on behalf of the client, he will also be negotiating with the other side in an effort to receive the maximum relief for his client. Many accident cases are resolved without ever entering a courtroom, and having a good case can often motivate parties to work out very acceptable settlements. Many items need to be considered when engaging in these negotiations, including the seriousness of any injuries suffered, how long will the victim be unable to work, and what kind of medical treatments will be needed to achieve a full recovery. If a full recovery is not expected, that will need to be taken into account as well, since lost earning capability will need to be determined. Throughout the entire process, the client will be kept updated on all developments, and the attorney will make himself available to handle any questions or concerns which may arise.

An experienced accident lawyer in Roseville, CA, such as those at the law firm of Sevey Donahue & Talcott, will use all of the resources at his or her disposal to gain an acceptable outcome for his clients while protecting their rights and providing competent legal counsel. From dog bites to severe life-changing spinal injuries, an attorney will be the client’s voice in all legal matters.