Social Security Disability Lawyers Can Help the Uninsured

by | Aug 3, 2021 | General

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With the rising cost of health care in the United States it’s no surprise that a good portion of the population finds themselves without the benefit of health care. Nowhere can this be more evident than within the ranks of those who have become disabled. Luckily they have the option of selecting Social Security disability lawyers near Jenks to take their case with no money out of pocket and assist them in making application to receive benefits. For it is not just the financial monthly support payments that so many disabled individuals need, but it is the benefit of the insurance coverage that Medicare provides them that they need to take care of their health.

So how can a recently disabled individual go about finding the right social security disability lawyers near Jenks to take their case? Here are some tips to choosing representation that can help you secure your claim and receive the much needed benefits.

Social Security Disability Lawyers Tips:

First find a lawyer who specializes in winning benefit awards for your specific type of disability. Meaning, if you are making application to the Social Security Administration on the basis of your mental illness, be sure to find a social security disability lawyers who is experienced in proving the long term disability of your mental illness diagnosis. So when considering a lawyer or law firm to represent you, first check the success rate of them providing benefits for those who share your type of disability.

Inquire as to the number of open applications and clients that the attorney is working with currently? What is the caseload like? Who will be answering your questions along the application process? This process takes months and you need to know up front who will be addressing your issues and what the associated costs for that time will be. Will that be pro-rated by the 15 minute segment and added to your straight contingency amount? Know the answers to these questions up front before committing to a specific social security disability lawyers practice.

No application for disability benefits is ever approved without the proper documentation from a doctor, so use this resource to your benefit. Most doctors who work with individuals’ seeking disability benefits can recommend a good disability lawyer or social security disability lawyers office to refer you to for help with your application.

Select a lawyer with whom you can communicate with clearly. If you find there is a language barrier or if upon meeting with the proposed attorney you feel they are speaking too “above your head” or beyond your understanding, then keep looking. You need legal representation who can help make this complex application process simple for you, not someone to smoother you with “legalese”.

Never agree to work with a specific social security disability lawyer with whom you have not performed a Google search on. With the dawn of the information age has come power to the individual to seek all the public record information available on someone. Use this to your advantage and perform a basic search on the attorney in which you choose to represent you. Know with whom you are dealing with right up front in the application process.

For most who are disabled waiting the extra one year it may take one to figure out the Social Security Disability process on their own is just too long to wait. This is particularly true for those without health care coverage. Once the Social Security Administration has approved your claim the disabled individual begins the two year process of receiving Medicare coverage. While the individual is not eligible for a twenty four month waiting period, being that benefits are calculated in a retroactive date from first making application it can be that the waiting period is only an additional six or eight months after an application process that took the average fourteen to eighteen months to become approved. Without a doubt making use of a team of social security disability lawyers that can certainly help expedite your claim.