Solid Reasons to Contact a Bail Bondsman in San Diego from Behind Bars

by | Mar 31, 2020 | Bail Bonds

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When you are booked into jail, you are given the opportunity to make phones calls as needed. Along with calling an attorney to represent you, you also need to call someone who can post your bail or bond to get you out.

When none of your family members or friends have the cash, you need to locate and call a bail bondsman in San Diego who offers 24/7 service. These reasons can convince you to make this call your main priority from behind bars.

Taking Part in Your Defense

Your lawyer can meet with you inside of the jail facility. However, you are not afforded much privacy. You are also restricted by the time limitations that the guards put on visiting hours.

To participate better in your own defense, you need to get out of jail and return to your home or family. You then have more freedom to meet with your lawyer at your convenience, and to enjoy a greater level of privacy than you would in jail.

It can also be stressful and lonely biding your time behind bars. The other inmates are not supportive or understanding of your predicament. You may not feel safe in your own jail cell.

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