Some Bail Bond Companies Also Offer a Notary Service in Forney TX

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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Most people won’t have a need for a bail bond, but things can happen very quickly. Many people are accused of a crime they didn’t commit and even though they’re considered innocent until proven guilty, they may have to spend some time in jail. This is when 24/7 help is needed. Bail will have to be paid if they want to be released and allowed to go home to await criminal proceedings. If the person charged of the crime shows up for scheduled proceedings, they’ll receive their money back. In essence, bail ensures the people accused of crimes show up at their court date instead of running away or leaving the country.

Offering Other Services

Some companies that provide these types of services also offer Notary Service in Forney TX. When a person is dealing with misdemeanor charges, such as DUIs, disorderly conduct, petty theft or prostitution, they’re going to need papers processed requiring a notary. This professional person attests to the fact that the accused is who they say they are, and that their signature was witnessed by the notary.

Paying Bail Means Staying Home Instead of Jail

As stated earlier, no one wants to spend any time at all in jail with people who may be hardened criminals. Those who work with Bail Bonds charge a fee for their service. The accused fills out an application, signs it, and utilizes the Notary Service in Forney TX. People often pay the bondsman using cash or credit card. They can put up a piece of property, such as their home, borrow from relatives, or pay with savings from their bank account. Once they’ve appeared at all their court proceedings, they receive their property or cash back minus the amount they owe the bondsman.

Types of Property Used for Payment

If a person thinks they have no way to pay their bail to stay out of jail, they just need to look around. Valuable property is accepted. So are expensive pieces of jewelry, and even their own vehicle can be used for payment. Checks, credit cards, cash, rare coins, and motorcycles are another way to pay.