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by | Feb 21, 2018 | Lawyers

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There can be times when injuries are mild and insurance pays right away. In these cases, you may not need a Springfield personal injury lawyer to represent you. However, some types of injuries and accidents always require the experience of an injury attorney. In many instances, you will need the representation of an experienced legal advocate to get the compensation you deserve. Here are four times you can benefit from the advocacy of a law firm.

Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Out

In some cases, an insurance company refuses to pay out or offer a settlement. Sometimes, it’s because they are engaging in bad faith insurance tactics. If this is the case, you’ll need the help of a Springfield personal injury lawyer. A legal representative can argue on your behalf and take the insurance company to court to secure compensation when necessary.

Numerous People Responsible for the Injuries

Sometimes, more than one party is responsible for the injuries sustained in an accident. When this occurs, insurance companies can complicate the process. If several people were injured, settlement money gets lower for each person involved. If you were at fault for any part of the accident, your settlement can be reduced. You need an attorney who can help.

Severe Injuries

The more severe injuries you suffer, the more you should be compensated. Insurance companies tend to cap off the compensation available. If you required a long hospital stay, extensive treatment and had huge medical bills, you may benefit from having an attorney on your side.

Disabling Injuries

You need an injury attorney if you suffered injuries that required long-term care or resulted in a permanent disability. A legal representative can pursue all the possible forms of compensation available to you. They can also figure out things like how your disability is going to affect your earning capacity in the years to come.

If you were injured and it is someone else’s fault, you need a Springfield personal injury lawyer who will fight for you. Visit the Noll Law Office website to speak with someone who can help you today.