The A to Z of Legal Separation Connecticut

by | Dec 9, 2013 | Law

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If you are undergoing a rough patch in your marriage, your family lawyer might have mentioned legal separation as a way out. This is a very confusing term for most couples and if you have been contemplating divorce, it is advisable to at least understand what is entailed in legal separation Connecticut in order to make an informed decision.

In family law, there is an understanding that problems will always arise in legal unions. This is more pertinent in modern society where myriad challenges are to be encountered at every corner thus placing even more strain on your union. This is where legal separation because unlike in divorce proceedings, you will not be looking for legal dissolution of the marriage but a separation.

Under the legal separation Connecticut laws, the effect of a legal decree of separation has the effect of a decree dissolving marriage but catch here is that neither party shall be free to marry. The legal separation decree does not thus affect the married status of you and your spouse. At a later stage, the law also grants resumption of marital status or even converting to dissolution of a union.


The grounds for legal separation in Ct are similar to those of dissolution of marriage. As such, the law states that legal separation shall be granted upon prove that specific causes have occurred. These include intolerable cruelty, breakdown of the marriage irretrievably, separation of more than 18 months prior to the serving of the complaint, seven years