The Four Main Duties of a Local Bail Bondsman Phoenix, Arizona

by | May 18, 2022 | Bail Bonds

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Bail bondsmen are licensed professionals who specialize in the business of bail bonds. They assist people who have been arrested and need to be released from jail so they can return to their daily life until their trial or sentencing. It is important for the bail bondsman to know their state laws about the release of an accused person from jail and abide by them strictly. This article will discuss the duties performed by a local bail bondsman in Phoenix, AZ.

Protecting Clients’ Rights

A local bail bondsman in Phoenix, AZ must always be available to meet with their clients. They are the ones who will be responsible for getting a client out of jail and back to their everyday life as soon as possible. This means they need to be ready at all times, and they must know when the client will be released from jail to prepare for that release.

Setting up Payment Plans

Another important duty of a bail bondsman is to set up payment plans for those who cannot afford to pay the entire amount of their bail at once. This means that a bondsman will be responsible for setting up payment plans with the court or a clerk where the accused person is held. They will also take care of collecting payments from clients and making sure that every client pays what they are supposed to pay.

Securing Documents

A bail bondsman must ensure that all necessary documents are secured in case the client needs them when they are released from jail. These documents include a copy of their arrest warrant and proof of identification.

Accompanying Clients

A bondsman must always be ready to accompany their clients back to their homes when it is time for them to be released from jail. This means they need to go with them as far as they can until they reach their home or a friend’s or relative’s home.