The Need for Drug Defense Attorneys

by | Jan 8, 2018 | Attorney

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When a person is arrested on suspicion of any type of drug-related charges, they have some serious consequences upcoming unless the charges can be dropped. Drug charges can stem from possession, trafficking, or the manufacture of such product, all of which carry heavy fines and prison time for the offender who is arrested. There are drug defense attorneys in the Manhattan, Kansas area who help clients who are faced with a lot of drug charges. The following are facts about drug charges in Kansas that potential clients need to be aware of.

Facts About Drug Charges in Kansas

Some states have relaxed their laws about drugs such as marijuana and are even legalizing it. However, Kansas is not one of those states. Just the first offense of having marijuana can carry a 12-month penalty of jail time, even though it is considered a misdemeanor. However, if the person has had a prior conviction, the charge is upgraded to a felony, and the person can get as much as 42 months in prison. The charges for other drugs increase for the person who is convicted.

More About Kansas and Its Stance on Drug Laws

Two other popular drugs are cocaine and methamphetamine, both of which are considered Class 4 felony drugs and they carry a prison term of 42 months. The offender is also fined $100,000, and these charges are only related to the simple possession of the drugs. If a person is more involved, such as trafficking or manufacturing the drugs, the penalties become more severe and are harder to get out of. If a person is involved in drugs in any kind of way, they will need to get a competent attorney.

Who to Call for Drug Defense in Kansas

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