Traffic Violations Lawyers in Mankato, MN Represent Drivers Who Want to Fight Citations and Charges

by | Sep 19, 2019 | Lawyers

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The rights of people at checkpoints where officers look for intoxicated drivers is a source of confusion for many individuals. The way they behave as they approach the checkpoint may result in a citation. They might have their vehicle legally searched if arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol. traffic violations lawyers in Mankato, MN represent clients who want to fight these charges.

Attempting to Avoid a DUI Checkpoint

The driver might have decided to turn around when the traffic stop point came into view. Technically, this is legal, but the person has to do it in a legal way. Making a U-turn or a Y-turn on the road is most likely a traffic violation. An officer then can stop this driver and evaluate whether the person appears to be intoxicated.

The driver may figure out a way to do this legally, such as turning into a convenience store parking lot, and then stopping and making a purchase. Nevertheless, this person should expect to be followed by a police car for at least several blocks afterward. If the driver makes any type of error or has a safety flaw with the vehicle, such as a burned-out taillight, the officer has just cause to stop them.

Preventing License Suspension

Attorneys with an organization like Blatz Law Office, LTD. represent clients who have been accused of serious traffic violations, including driving under the influence. In Minnesota, this is considered a criminal charge. Reckless driving is another serious violation. Some people choose to fight a speeding ticket, especially if one more ticket means having their license suspended for a while. Others may simply not want to pay the steep fines assessed for traveling above the speed limit.

Traffic violations lawyers in Mankato, MN represent clients whose lives could be very negatively affected by a conviction of DUI or any traffic citation. License suspension can prevent someone from getting to work or bringing children to preschool. Insurance rates can increase dramatically. In the case of DUI, the person may find it difficult to obtain automotive insurance in the future without paying unusually high rates.

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