Trying to Get Social Security Benefits in Fresno, CA? How a Law Firm Helps

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Lawyers

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The Social Security Administration of the United States is unrelenting in granting disability benefits. Nearly everyone that applies the first time is denied, and successive attempts are not successful either. Typically, the cases that are most successful are the ones that involve an SSD lawyer. If you live in California, that lawyer you need works at an SSD law firm in Fresno. They are leading experts in getting clients approved for SSD benefits. Here’s what you need to know about this SSD law firm in Fresno.

The Firm Covers ALL Forms of Disability

Some lawyers are only willing to take on disability benefit cases where clients have an obvious physical disability. That is just not right, seeing as thousands of people have disabling conditions that aren’t clearly visible. This firm handles cognitive disabilities, neurological disabilities that come and go, and mental health or psychological disabilities. These cases are some of the hardest to prove, and often there isn’t a lot of medical evidence to back them. However, the team in Fresno has helped hundreds of clients with less-than-visible disabilities get approved. They can help you.

The Lawyers Work for a Small Cut of Your Benefits

Trying to get SSD benefits when you don’t have a financial safety net is a nightmare. Yet, it’s one of the most common scenarios around. Trying to pay a lawyer when you don’t have money to live on is equally serious. That’s why the lawyers at Pena and Bromberg don’t take payments upfront. They get you your benefits, and then you give them a percentage to pay for services rendered.