Get the Help You Need From an Injury attorney in Marana, AZ

by | Oct 16, 2013 | Lawyers

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When injured in an accident, you can feel stressed beyond what you can handle. Not only are you dealing with the injuries, but your medical bills and your lost wages. It is important that you are careful with the steps that you take after you have been injured. These steps could help your case to go smoothly or could cause you to forfeit your rights to pursue compensation. By understanding the steps that you need to take after an accident that has caused injury, you can be prepared. Through the help of an Injury attorney in Marana, AZ, you can receive the representation that you need, to ensure that your rights are protected.

When you are first injured in an accident, it is imperative that you are seen by a doctor. Make sure that you inform the doctor that you were involved in an accident. You will need medical backing to prove your injuries so you should be prepared to sign a medical release when you meet with your attorney. This will allow your attorney to obtain your medical records so that this information can be used in your case.

While some injury cases are able to be settled out of court, this is not always the case. Your attorney will try to work through the mediation process to see if an amicable agreement can be made. If it cannot be made, the attorney will prepare your case for court. Either way, you can rest assured that the attorney will protect your rights and pursue your best interest in your case.

If your case does go to the court, the judge will hear your case and the other party’s side of the case. Once both sides have been heard and any witnesses have been called to the stand, the judge will make the final ruling in the case and decide what amount of compensation you will receive. Once an amount has been awarded, the attorney will advise you on making sure that you get your compensation by pursuing the judge’s order for payment from the responsible party in your case. If you are in need of assistance with your injury case, contact the Injury attorney in Marana, AZ today. You can also visit for further information on how they can assist you in your case.