Estate Planning in CA – Do you need an attorney?

by | Mar 18, 2013 | General

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Hiring an attorney to help you with estate planning in CA is highly recommended and comes with many benefits. Estate planning can include the drafting of your last will and testament, which should be signed with a legal representative present, but there are many other things you can do to protect your assets for your family. From deciding on powers of attorney to creating living trusts for minors, an attorney can help you with all aspects of estate planning.

Keeping Your Estate Out of the Courts

There are a couple of ways to reduce the likelihood that your assets and property will fall into the hands of probate courts. One of them is assigning power of attorney to a trusted family member or friend, should you become incapacitated and unable to oversee your estate any longer. Many people opt to transfer powers of attorney in case of such an event in the hopes that their wishes will be honored by someone they trust.

The other way to keep your finances out of probate court is by creating living trusts. A living trust in CA is a way to put property and other assets aside for a minor or a family member with special needs. You can rest assured that they will always be cared for financially, and you can be the trustee who oversees the trust while you are still alive. You can pass on this responsibility to a trusted friend or family member, as well.

Domestic Partnership Agreements

Another part of estate planning in CA that not everyone knows about is the formation of domestic partnerships. Couples who want to share their assets but do not wish to marry can plan their estate to benefit one another rather than a family member. This puts any couple in control of their assets, regardless of traditional legal status.

It’s Never Too Early to Think About Estate Planning

For people in CA who are hesitant to start thinking about estate planning while they are young and healthy, there is plenty of advice you can get from an attorney that may change your mind. Rather than waiting for an indeterminate date in the future, start planning now so you can rest assured that everything has been organized to your liking. An attorney can help you to make choices that will make you feel like you’ve done all you can to provide for your family, now and into the future.

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