How an Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis Can Help You with Your Dog Bite Case

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Law

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Every year, more than 5-million people are bit by dogs. To make matters even worse, children and the elderly are among the most common of the demographics who suffer these dog bites. Not every bite is life threatening or even severe enough to seek medical attention, but out of the 5-million, at least 800,000 are seen in emergency rooms every year. If you are attacked by a dog, it is recommended that you hire an injury lawyer in Indianapolis to defend you to ensure you are properly represented.

Understanding the Laws

The laws concerning dog bites differ in each state. Unless you have a thorough understanding of the laws, you could find yourself without compensation for an injury that deserves proper coverage. When you find a personal injury lawyer who specializes in dog bite cases, you will benefit from his expertise and knowledge on the laws and how they pertain to your exact situation. There are factors, such as your level of pain and suffering, degree of medical attention and mental anguish, that need to be taken into consideration, which should all be discussed with a lawyer.

Emotional Trauma

More often than not, when you are bit by a dog, the experience is traumatic. Many people suffer post-traumatic stress disorder and have trouble functioning in everyday life following the incident. When you find it difficult to function in your life, dealing with a court case can seem impossible. Rather than putting yourself through more stress, consult with an injury lawyer in Indianapolis concerning your case and let him handle the stress while you focus on recovering.

Get Full Compensation

One problem many people run into is not getting proper compensation for their injuries. This is usually the case when a victim is pressured by an insurance adjustor who wants to settle the case and avoid going to court. Instead of dealing with the adjustors or even the dog’s owner on your own, enlist the help of a reputable lawyer who will do the talking for you, ensuring you get full compensation and nothing less.

An injury Lawyer in Indianapolis is the best way to protect yourself in the event of a dog bite injury. Regardless of the extent of the injury, it pays to consult with a lawyer to see what compensation you are entitled to and how to go about getting it.