The Implications of Driving after Consuming Drugs – The DUI Drugs Lawyer Carrollton GA and The Ability to Give You Another Chance

by | Feb 18, 2013 | Law

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Especially when you are young, you think that the world is yours and that nothing bad can happen. You drink, you take drugs, if not on regular basis at least at your friends’ parties, and, when everything is over, you get in your car and head home. But what if a tired or inexperienced driver gets in your way and you have an accident? What if by trying to avoid a cat or a dog you hit someone or you get into a tree, a pole or a building. You might say that you can call your DUI Drugs Lawyer Carrollton GA and he or she will know what to do. There are a few things that you need to know before you make that phone call.

What will your DUI lawyer do if you are involved in a car accident? Let’s take a look over the long term consequences. Let us assume that you have a great job, a car, laptop and traveling comes with your job. How will your employers take the news that you are on drugs, that you drive under their influence and that you could damage the company car in an accident? Obviously, after getting caught, your license will be suspended, which means that you will loose your job and your consistent salary. What can your DUI Drugs Lawyer Carrolton GA do in these circumstances? They can help you and or your family with the long and difficult legal process.

The DUI Lawyer Carrolton GA can help get the charges dropped or help lower the penalties against you. If there are other people involved, they will be able to help them as well. It is always good to make appointments with different DUI Drug Lawyers to see which lawyer will best represent you. Ask them different questions and find the one that you are most comfortable with. You also need to take into account the cost of your lawyer. Any legal representation you may have will differ on prices. Many of them will have set rates depending on what you are being charged with. Some also might have payment plans so that you can still have the best legal representation. Make sure you ask all these questions when you are meeting with them.

If you made a mistake, make it right by hiring a great DUI Lawyer in Carrollton GA like James B. Head, someone who can give you a second chance, the one to make up to your loved ones and to start things all over again.