What a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer Should Do for You

by | Sep 12, 2012 | Lawyers

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Once you have decided to file for bankruptcy, matters must have really gotten out of hand. Push has literally come to shove and as things stand, your financial state is at its worst. Creditors are calling you constantly, others are harassing you and some have even resorted to blackmail. You need some sort of debt relief real fast. So you finally pay a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Milwaukee WI a visit. But will things change in an instant? What are the things to expect from your Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer?

The immediate thing to be sought is protection from your creditors. The torment by your creditors must be put to an end. So one thing your Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer must do is file for bankruptcy as soon as possible. That way, your creditors will be enjoined to stop with the harassment. The matter will now be the subject of court proceedings and hence any interference will usually amount to contempt of court. This should successfully silence your creditors- at least up until the matter is adjudicated upon.

But harassment is not all you need protection from. If anything, you have probably got used to it. What would really disturb you is the intention by your bank to foreclose on your house, the decision by your utility service provider to terminate essential services and the unilateral resolution by your creditors to auction your property. Is there really anything much you can do. The answer is yes. With a good Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer, an injunction can be issued as against these proceedings. You can stop the sale of your house, auctioning of your property and utility shut offs by filing for bankruptcy.

Thirdly, your Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Milwaukee WI should negotiate for a viable repayment plan. Bear in mind that the goal of ‘chapter 13 bankruptcy’ is to rehabilitate the debtor, not to punish him/her. So your Attorney must put to play all his advocacy skills and settle for nothing less but a fair outcome form the courts. Most repayment plans will usually last from 3 to 5 years. Instruct your lawyer accordingly so that all your concerns are addressed.

After all is said and done, the role of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy lawyer Milwaukee WI is to rehabilitate you as the debtor. The Attorney is charged with the responsibility of advancing your interests first and settling for nothing less than an acceptable mode of discharging the debts. You shouldn’t lose the assets you have garnered for years in an instant simply because you made some poor choices here and there. Neither should you be denied some of the essential services like water and electricity – which are really human rights issues. In a period of between three to five years, your Attorney must ensure that you obtain a full discharge from your debts. Your credit rating should go back to normal soon thereafter.