The Benefits Of Hiring A Divorce Attorney In Clarksville

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Lawyers

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Going through a divorce is one situation that can be an emotional rollercoaster that leaves you with bitter, angry feelings toward your former spouse. But an experienced divorce attorney in Clarksville can help you put those personal feelings aside so you can make informed and rational decisions. Otherwise, you may end up making them based solely on revenge that you may later regret.

Although Tennessee has many of the same laws that affect dissolving a marriage, finding a local divorce attorney in Clarksville may help give you an edge in court. The lawyer will probably have appeared before the judge before and may have been on the opposite side of the table before against the other attorney. The lawyer will have a feeling about what you will be able to ask for in the divorce and what you the judge may toss out.

While searching for a lawyer, you may want to find out which divorce attorney in Clarksville has the kind of experience you want. Some lawyers are known for being aggressive for their clients and willing to take the divorce to court. Other lawyers may specialize in helping newly single mothers get the best settlement possible to help them get on with their lives.

Ending a marriage also means having to untangle both spouses’ financial assets such as bank accounts and retirement accounts. And an important one includes all of your credit ratings. Deciding who pays for what on the charge cards can require several sessions of negotiations. Other assets can include everything from a weekend cottage in the countryside to your pet.

A divorce attorney in Clarksville will correctly file your petition for you and make sure it complies with the court’s requirements. In Tennessee, you can request a no fault divorce, meaning you feel no one is to blame for the breakup. The most common reason is because of irreconcilables and there’s no chance the marriage can be saved.

A person can also file for a fault divorce if they allege the other spouse’s behavior has caused the marriage to fall apart. The behavior can involve a long list of reasons, including adultery, bigamy, impotence and abuse. A judge will hold a hearing on the petition after it has been on file for at least 60 days to determine if both parties are ready to dissolve the marriage.

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