The Various Reasons to Retain the Services of a Criminal Attorney in Baltimore

by | Dec 4, 2013 | Lawyers

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If you are in a situation where you’ve been accused of crime and you’ve been charged with a crime by the authorities, you’re going to have to stand before a judge and in some cases, before a group of your peers and be tried. In these instances, you need a Criminal Attorney Baltimore. Even if you’re facing a misdemeanor, a criminal attorney can be very beneficial.

If you have resolved yourself to the fact that you are guilty, you don’t need an attorney in order to stand before the courts and plead guilty to a crime. However, you may need a criminal attorney Baltimore to be there with you before you plead guilty. In some cases, a criminal attorney can negotiate with the prosecuting attorney before a plea of guilty is set forth. Your attorney may be able to negotiate with the prosecuting attorney to a lesser charge which could correlate to a lesser form of punishment. A great deal of this will be pursuant to the specific nature of the crime a person has been charged with. However, regardless, an attorney can be very beneficial.

If you’ve been accused of a crime that you haven’t committed, then hiring an attorney is a no-brainer. You will need expert legal representation and the type of representation you need isn’t something you can provide for yourself. You’ll need a criminal attorney to make a case for your innocence and hopefully, to convince a jury as well as the judge that you are indeed innocent of the crimes you been charged with.

If you or someone you know is facing a legal issue in the Baltimore area, you may want to consider contacting the law offices of David E. Fink. With years of experience as a Criminal Attorney Baltimore, David and his team can offer you the type of assistance you need. Whether it’s plea-bargaining with a prosecutor for a lesser charge or battling in front of a jury working to prove your innocence of a crime you been charged with, quality legal representation is indispensable. Don’t allow yourself to go without representation regardless of the circumstances after you’ve been charged with a criminal offense.