A Serious Crime

by | Aug 23, 2012 | Criminal Law

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If you ever find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer, chances are you are being accused of a serious crime. You may not be convicted but just being accused can be enough to cause stress and anxiety. Whether or not you are innocent or not, having a criminal lawyer in Frederick, MD will let you be heard in a court of law.

The average person does not understand the ins and outs of the law, regardless of how many lawyer type shows they may watch on television. There are caveats to every law and every situation that can allow an innocent person to walk free and place a guilty party in prison. This may not seem fair but it is the basic right of a human to have representation in the court of law. Every person should have the best lawyer they can afford and if they cannot afford one, the state will appoint a lawyer for them. These state appointed lawyers may be knowledgeable or they may be fresh out of law school. A job with the state is a guaranteed paycheck for a newly licensed lawyer. As opposed to opening their own practice, the state can provide cases and an office the lawyers and they are provided a salary. A state appointed lawyer may feel conflicted as they may be required to represent a known criminal yet they are still obligated to provide them with the best representation they can.

Finding a strong criminal lawyer in Frederick, MD will give anyone an advantage as the lawyer will know the law and can help them through the use of prior case laws and precedence. This can give the accused a leg up and will look serious to a judge. Many judges do not appreciate a person reprensenting themselves in their court. This is called, pro se and it is frowned upon by many judges. The judge knows the pro se party will not understand the full extent of the law and may make motions and objections that have no merit. This wastes the courts time and can exasperate a judge. It is a wise idea to employ a criminal lawyer in Frederick, MD to represent you, even if it is a state appointed lawyer. Sometimes the case can even settled out of court if you have two lawyers who can work through the issues in a mediation or plea bargain type setting. The case can move much quicker and you may get more beneficial result. Not only will this help your case but it can give closure to both parties.


Using a Criminal Lawyer In Frederick, MD will help move your case along in an efficient manner and will also help give you the desired results. No Criminal Lawyer In Frederick, MD can guarantee positive results for your case but they can use prior case laws to help the judge and jury come to a fair decision.