Were You Hurt While In Toledo?

by | Mar 4, 2013 | Lawyers

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Toledo is not known to be a very dangerous place and Ohio is certainly not known for violence. No Toledo is more known for its world famous Toledo Zoo and its completely refurbished downtown area near the water. And Ohio is quite literally the heart of the American Heartland Midwestern region, still, accidents do happen, and sometimes unwillingly people get hurt. This is often the case when school children get hurt in Toledo. They may be hard at play whether at school or a local park in the neighborhood and fall on an unsafe surface and become injured. Sometimes seriously injured and when that happens because the park or play area is not properly maintained then it’s a needless injury.

As parents we expect that sometimes children at play will fall and skin their knee and bump their heads, we expect that and it happens all the time. But what about when a child is playing on some gym equipment and is hurt because the equipment is not properly taken care of and has become dangerous? That child while at seemingly harmless play can be seriously hurt in Toledo. That we don’t expect and when someone has been negligent you have a right to sue for liability. Whether it be against the Toledo Parks and Recreation Department, the City of Toledo or the State at an Ohio State Park, you have the right to assume that the play equipment at all of these government run facilities are safe and well maintained, not dangerous and neglected.

What can make matters worse is when a child is injured at school. You send them off to school each day prepared to learn, make friends, eat lunch and enjoy recess. You have a right to assume that the school district is keeping up minimum safety standards on all playground equipment and that the children are supervised at all times. But even when equipment is well maintained and the children are enjoying outside you have a right to assume that they are being properly watched over by teachers when out on the playground. Yet every year children are needlessly hurt at school due to the lack of supervision.

We have all seen high monkey bars that children try to dangle from while swinging from one rung to the next. We have all also seen when observing a recess period an area where the adults seem to gather in a circle and talk amongst themselves. When this goes on and the distraction is to the point that the responsible adults set to supervise the children are not watching and children misuse the intended ways of playing on equipment serious injury can occur needlessly. If your child is seriously hurt in Toledo at school check with a qualified personal injury attorney right away. There is no reason a child should become injured needlessly due to lack of supervision, the school-board is responsible, call an attorney and let them defend your rights.