Divorce Types with Law Firm Junction City KS

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Lawyers

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The challenges of marriage can certainly lead to a divorce. If you are in this type of situation, you will want to consider divorce types to select from with the assistance of a law firm in Junction City KS. This will allow you to choose the best divorce option for you individual divorce.

Divorce is a stressful time for all of the parties involved. This makes it more important than ever to do all you can to reduce the stress associated with the divorce as much as possible. The type of divorce you choose will have a large impact on this decision and should be discussed with a law firm Junction City KS.

The Uncontested Divorce

When a couple jointly agrees to end the marriage, this will lead to the uncontested divorce. This is a common divorce to assist with the end of the marriage. The ease of achieving this divorce type is a large reason this divorce is selected.

One of the advantages of choosing this divorce type will involve the couple being capable of making critical decisions involving the division of marital assets. This will allow for a much easier divorce process and will avoid the reliance on the court reducing many of the divorce expenses.

The Summary Divorce

It is important to rely on a law firm in Junction City KS to learn the requirements of the summary divorce. There are many legal things that must be completed when it comes to selecting the summary divorce. This type of divorce is geared for couples that have been married for a short amount of time.

Listed below are the criteria for selecting the summary divorce:

1. If a couple has been married for less than five years, the summary divorce may be selected.
2. The couple doesn’t have any children jointly or if so, custody matters have been discussed.
3. There is no real property between the couple or that of a mortgage together.
4. The property jointly owned between the couple is less than $35,000.00 and this doesn’t include vehicles owned by the couple.
5. The individual personal property of the couple is under a threshold and this should be discussed with the attorney.