What Defective Product Lawyers in Minot, ND Want You To Know

by | Oct 31, 2019 | Personal Injury Attorney

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Even with consumer product safety testing, a product can cause injuries, or even death, for users. When that happens, the injured party may have a basis for a defective product claim. Many people assume that defective product claims are based on products with manufacturing mistakes, but there are multiple types of defective product claims. Defective Product Lawyers in Minot ND think people should know about the three main types of defective product cases. They include the failure to provide adequate warnings, manufacturing mistakes, and dangerous product designs.

What Is Failure to Provide Adequate Warning?

Some products are obviously hazardous unless operated or used correctly. A chainsaw is a good example of a clearly hazardous product. However, other products may be dangerous if not used appropriately, and these dangers may be hidden from the average consumer. In those cases, there is a duty to warn the user about potential hazards. For example, some over-the-counter cough and cold medications can cause health problems for those with high blood pressure.

What Is Manufacturer Mistake?

A manufacturing mistake occurs when a product is safe, as designed, but a problem occurs in the manufacturing process. The mistake is what leads to an injury or harm. Mistakes can run the gamut from tainted food products to missing parts. Safety goggles whose material was too brittle because of an error in manufacturing would fall under the manufacturer mistake umbrella.

What Is Dangerous Product Design?

Some products are inherently dangerous due to the product’s design. This does not refer to broad categories of things that could be dangerous if used improperly, such as the chainsaw example, but instead to products that are dangerous when used as designed. For example, a vehicle that is prone to roll-overs when driven under normal driving conditions might be considered a dangerous product.

What Kind of Attorney Handles Defective Product Claims?

Regardless of the specific type of defective product claim, the right type of attorney for those claims is a personal injury attorney. Those looking for Defective Product Lawyers in Minot ND can find them at the Pagel Weikum Law Firm. Contact them for answers about defective product claims and to find out more about the defective product claim process.