What Legal Rights Does A Consumer Have?

There are laws that provide a way that a consumer can fight back against business practices that are considered abusive. There are numerous consumer rights and consumer protection laws that are used to hold those who sell goods or services accountable when they attempt to profit by taking unfair advantage of a consumers lack of meaningful information. The conduct of some vendors is simply unfair while in other cases the conduct is fraudulent, in either case you can turn to a consumer rights attorney in Chicago to fight for your rights.

Common cases:

There are a number of ways in which a consumer can fall victim to abusive business practices. One of the more common circumstances is when a consumer falls behind on paying the debts and obligations. I cases like this debt collectors can exacerbate the situation by calling at ridiculous hours, very early in the morning as well as in the middle of the night. In the same vein, consumers can easily fall prey to hidden fines and penalties that are in the fine print of contracts that are rarely read by the consumer. The 2010 foreclosure crisis exposed a number of dubious practices in the real-estate market.

Consumer rights laws are also aimed at protecting the public from blatantly false as well as misleading advertising. It is not unknown for retail businesses to lure customers with products advertised at a reduced price only to tell the consumer upon their arrival that the product is no longer available. The next step of course is to apply pressure to the consumer to purchase a product at far less attractive terms. A consumer’s rights attorney in Chicago can take on these companies that use “bait and switch” advertising as well as those companies that misrepresent the warranty on the product, defective products and other less than scrupulous practices.

Class action lawsuits:

One of the major stumbling blocks for consumers that are victims of improper business practices is the reasonably small monetary damage they stand to incur. In many cases the loss is often no more than the cost of the product. This loss is a small fraction of what a consumer’s rights attorney in Chicago would charge to suit against the seller.

The best way to tip the scales in favor of the consumer is a class action lawsuit. People who have all had their rights abused by the same seller can band together and present a very effective case against even the largest corporations.

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