What Qualities To Look For: Bankruptcy Lawyer In Dublin

by | Aug 7, 2012 | Lawyers

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For those that need a bankruptcy lawyer in Dublin, it is imperative to know and understand what qualities the lawyer should possess so as to best guide you through the bankruptcy process and get you the best results possible for your financial situation. Take note of these qualities as you are contacting different lawyers and speaking or meeting with them regarding your bankruptcy needs and financial situation.

1. Good with words
a. Does the lawyer you are speaking with speak with eloquence?
b. Are the words articulated and smooth flowing?
i. It is important to find a good speaker since the bankruptcy lawyer in Dublin will be speaking your case on your behalf; you want to find someone that can plead your case successfully.

2. Friendly and personable
a. Is the lawyer friendly and kind to you?
b. Are you able to really talk to them about your financial situation and maintain their full attention and concern?
i. It is vital your bankruptcy lawyer in Dublin makes it easy to work with them over your case and makes it possible for you to communicate with them effortlessly; the bankruptcy process and day in court may present some moments where you need to know you that you can communicate easily and simply with your lawyer.

3. Dependability
a. Has the lawyer been late to your appointment?
b. Is the lawyer slow in returning your phone calls or emails during the initial phases?
i. If you have answered yes to any of these questions about any of the lawyers you have met with then it is most likely in your best interest to no longer consider them. If they are not dependable, then they could even run late for your court time, thus reflecting very badly on your case with the judge.

4. Free Consultation
a. Is the lawyer charging you for a consultation to discuss your bankruptcy?
i. A really good bankruptcy lawyer will never charge for an initial consultation since people seeking bankruptcy are in financial hardship; numerous lawyers offer free consultations to discuss going bankruptcy and the options.

Many people are facing financial hardships and difficulties every day that should be talking to a bankruptcy lawyer in Dublin. The economy, joblessness and foreclosure rates only add insult to injury. A bankruptcy is a great way for many people in financial hardships to lower and eliminate debt, therefore giving a fresh financial start. Please note however, that bankruptcies do appear on your credit reporting for a period of 10 years but many creditors do not use that against you because they know that you no longer have any debt.


If you are taking out payday loans, juggling bills, borrowing from Peter to pay Paul and buried in debt, then it is a good idea to contact a bankruptcy lawyer in Dublin. It is unwise to put bankruptcy off and get further buried in debt. Let a bankruptcy lawyer in Dublin help you with your financial options.