What to Know About Hiring a Defense Attorney For Your Assault Case

by | Dec 24, 2012 | Criminal Law

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If you have found yourself in a situation where you are being accused of assault it is important that you have a general idea of what these cases really mean, what they entail and who you should call for assistance should you ever be arrested for assault. There are many situations where an argument can escalate and one or both parties can result to any type of physical reaction such as a slap, push or a shove and this situation can quickly turn in to an assault case. It may not seem like a simple shove can lead to someone being arrested for assault, but it can. This is why if you ever find yourself in this situation the first thing you will want to do is to call a professional defense attorney for assistance.

It is important to keep in mind that even if you think the ‘assault’ you are being accused of was minor or fairly innocent in nature, if you are convicted, no matter how small of a shove or push you did, it can change your life forever, even if you are only trying to defend yourself. An assault conviction can lead to fines, jail time and cause you to lose your home, your job or even your children. This is why calling in a defense attorney is so important, they will do what they can to make sure your assault charges don’t ruin your life.

The thing to remember with these assault cases is that your defense attorney will be there to try to defend your situation in any way possible. Depending on the situation, there are a number of ways that your defense attorney may try to defend your case. Typically one of the main forms of defense used in an assault case will be self defense. In these situations your defense attorney will try to prove that the use of force upon or toward another person in the situation you were involved in was done in a way to protect yourself from harm or injury. Your defense attorney may also try to prove that you were using force to defend others as this is a legal reason to use physical force. Also you can use force to prevent a damage of your property.

Many times your defense attorney will be able to defend your case, if applicable with one of these approaches as defending yourself, others or your property are all reasons admissible in court to engage in violence and if proven you will likely not be charged. In order to get this type of defense however, it is important that you take the time to quickly call a professional defense attorney to help with your case.

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