What You Should Know About Personal Injury Rights

by | Jun 18, 2012 | Lawyers

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If you’ve been the victim of personal injury in Columbus, OH, someone else may be legally responsible. It’s important to act quickly to protect your rights. Establishing a personal injury claim can be complex, and it’s important that you have someone representing you that understands the process well. There are a few basics that you need to know before filing a claim. Here is some basic information that everyone should know about personal injury in Columbus, OH.

The most important thing to understand about a personal injury claim is that in order for you to successfully pursue one, you have to be able to establish that someone else is at fault, or liable, for your injuries, whether or not it was intentional. Someone could be held responsible if they were careless or thoughtless, causing you to get hurt. Alternatively, someone who intended to hurt you can also be potentially held liable for your injuries.

Regardless of the circumstances, be sure you immediately seek medical help when you’re injured. It’s important to be clear in explaining to medical professionals helping you evaluate the extent of your injuries and how it happened. These types of details will be recorded in your medical history, which can be an important factor in proving that your injuries are connected to the accident or incident, and may be used in court.

Take pictures of any and all of your injuries and keep meticulous records of what happens next. Any time you need to take medication, follow up with doctors, or experience some kind of limitation of your activities because you’re hurt, should all be carefully recorded and preserved. You should also consider keeping notes when you consult with your doctor, so you don’t forget critical details later on.

Whenever possible, write down the personal information of all who were involved in the incident causing your personal injury in Columbus, OH. Names, addresses, insurance information, and contact information should all be recorded. If an automobile was involved, take pictures of the cars, license plates, and the accident scene if you can. More details are better than no details, so if you’re physically unable to perform these tasks, try to call someone who can. If someone saw the accident, be sure to get his or her contact information as well.

No matter what the extent of your injuries, it’s usually a good idea to talk to a personal injury lawyer as quickly as possible, who can help make sure any evidence is preserved, and who knows the steps to take to file an effective claim quickly and accurately.