When to Contact a Discrimination Lawyer in Northampton, MA for Help

by | Dec 29, 2017 | Lawyers

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Discrimination in the workplace takes many forms and is usually illegal. It can occur due to someone’s race, age, gender, sexuality, or disability. If you feel that you’ve been discriminated against by a supervisor or employer, you need to take these steps to file a claim.

Follow Employer Protocol

Most companies have protocols in place for filing complaints about supervisors or other employees so the first step is to follow their protocols before consulting a discrimination lawyer in Northampton, MA. Whether you talk to someone about the problem, send an email, or write a letter, make a note of the time, the place, and with whom you spoke. Get a copy of any emails, notes, and forms that you need to fill out for the company so you have a record for yourself.

Contact State and Federal Agencies

Each state has a division that deals with discrimination complaints so you should contact them if nothing seems to be getting done after following your company’s protocols. You can also contact the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission with a discrimination complaint against an employer. If you’re considering further legal action, contact a discrimination lawyer about filing a monetary claim for possible damages against an employer.

Consult a Lawyer

Although a discrimination case can be difficult to prove, if you’ve suffered damages because of your employer’s actions, you can file a claim for compensation against them. Damages could be in the form of lost wages, compensation for humiliation that you’ve suffered, or wages after being terminated by an employer. An attorney at Connor Morneau & Olin LLP can determine if you have a case and file it for you.

If you’re part of a labor union, you can also file a complaint with them before consulting a discrimination lawyer about a possible claim.