When To Hire A Social Security Lawyer

by | Apr 26, 2016 | Law

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Social Security is a program that is administered by the federal government. The purpose of Social Security is to provide some degree of financial support for those individuals who have reached retirement age as well as those people who have yet to reach retirement age but suffer from a physical or mental disability that keeps them from working.

It would be rare for complex legal issues to arise when the person is applying for his or her retirement benefits. As the records of contributions are readily available it is simply a matter of applying and waiting for two or three months for the benefits to start. The same cannot be said when the application is for Social Security disability, the rejection rate is very high so the greatest majority of applicants engage a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee to help them through the complex and often frustrating procedure.

For those that are both retired and disabled their retirement benefits will suffice, the problems arise when the applicant has yet to reach retirement age. The applicant must prove beyond doubt that they are indeed disabled and not in a position to perform any meaningful work. The application is subjected to a very thorough review process; it must be supported with detailed medical records and information pertaining to the demands of the last employment. With information of this nature the administration decides whether or not the applicant is capable of performing those tasks or meets the eligibility requirements needed to be approved for benefits. A seasoned Social Security lawyer in Tennessee is very knowledgeable about the records and other proof that is required.

Everyone in the country is well aware of Social Security but few are intimate with the ins and outs of how the system works. It would be rare for a layperson to know the rules, regulations and laws that apply to Social Security; this is the domain of highly skilled Social Security lawyers. It is a recognized fact that the greatest majority of initial applications are denied. This percentage does not vary a great deal whether there is a lawyer involved at this stage or not, however, where a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee is invaluable is during the appeals process. Having the initial application rejected is far from the end of the process, there is a long, drawn out appeals process to be faced. When the applicant is represented and counseled by a lawyer the majority of claims are approved after a hearing, this cannot be said for those applicants who attempt to get through the appeals process without professional help.

As the application process for Social Security disability benefits is very complex it is advisable to hire a Social Security lawyer in Tennessee to assist you with the process. You are invited to contact the Law Offices of Miller & Drozdowski, P.C.