When to Hire an Attorney in Loveland After Sustaining a Dog Bite

by | Oct 19, 2018 | General

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With tens of millions of dogs in America today, it’s no wonder there are reports of individuals being bitten by a dog. While most of these bites are never reported, more than one million people seek treatment in the emergency room every year for this problem. Often, the owner had no idea the dog would bite someone and the victim never files a lawsuit. In certain situations, however, a person who has suffered a dog bite may choose to pursue legal action, such as when the dog was known to be dangerous and the owner still let him or her run free. In a case such as this, an attorney in Loveland should be contacted.

Why Dog Bites Are Dangerous

Dogs have rounded teeth. When the animal bites down, the pressure from the jaws can do significant damage under the skin. In fact, more than 25,000 individuals each year must undergo reconstructive surgery following a bite from a dog. The bones, muscles, blood vessels and nerves may be damaged and surgery is the only option to repair the damage. Furthermore, a person may contract rabies or tetanus following a bite, thus medical care should be sought immediately.

What Should a Person Do Following a Bite from a Dog

First and foremost, move away from the dog to prevent him or her from biting again. Clean the wound thoroughly and keep the area elevated. Visit an urgent care center right away to check for damage that cannot be seen under the skin or if the skin has been torn or punctured. If there are no visible signs of damage and there is no pain, a person may take a watch and wait approach. However, any sign of problems requires a visit to a doctor promptly.

If you feel you need to retain an attorney in Loveland after sustaining a dog bite, contact Burton & Burton. The firm works with individuals every day who have been injured through the actions of another, such as a negligent dog owner. They sit down with clients to determine the facts of the case and determine whether it is worth pursuing. Contact them for a consultation. You’ll feel more confident once you have a better understanding of where you stand legally.