When to Work With Child Support Attorneys in Kane County

by | Jul 30, 2018 | Attorney

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While child support attorneys are typically skilled in many areas of family law, and ideal for those instances when parents struggle over some aspect of financial agreements made during a divorce, there are other reasons you may need to work with an attorney specializing in this area. For example, you may be finding it difficult to enforce a child support order, or you may need support adjusted to your current income. These, too are times to work with an expert.

What to Know

Before you hire any child custody professional, be sure you have done your due diligence and discovered if an attorney or practice has a favorable reputation. You should never hesitate to demand references and ask other divorced parents about particular providers. You should also consider the complexity of the case you bring to any attorney. If it is simply that you are arguing with the other parent about how much you are to contribute towards something like a pair of prescription sunglasses, that might not be worth the expense of an attorney. However, if it is something that involves anything complex – such as a loss of employment or the other parent denying you access to a child – it is a matter for legal professionals.

Men and Support

Though we live a more enlightened time and know that not all children are best served to be in the sole custody of their mothers, there are special considerations where men are concerned. For instance, it is somewhat traditional that men pay child support to the mother of their child(ren). That is something still common today, but there are now more and more women who are paying support. Neither may pay, as one expert wrote, “in joint custody situations, often neither parent pays child support. But if one parent’s income is significantly lower than the other, that parent could be eligible for child support to ensure the child’s expenses are covered while with either parent.” An expert can help in such a complex matter, too.

If you are finding it difficult to collect or pay support, and need legal help in such matters from child support attorneys in Kane County, contact Keller Legal Services. Specializing in all kinds of family law, they offer attorneys with expertise in child support issues. Whether the burden is too heavy for one parent or an amount needs adjustment, they can take a client through the process easily and effectively.