When You Find a Social Security Disability Attorney in New Bedford, MA, Your Odds of Success Are Increased

by | Jul 12, 2017 | Attorney

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Social Security disability is a tough thing to get and when you need to find a Social Security disability attorney in New Bedford, MA to help increase the odds of success, there are plenty of them available. In fact, even if you have already applied but were denied, these lawyers can help you file an appeal so that you might be successful the second time. Once you find a Social Security disability attorney, he or she can help you go before the judge at your hearing so you may finally get the money that you deserve.

Practically Impossible Without a Good Attorney

If you do not find a Social Security disability attorney, your odds of getting the money are very slim so hiring an attorney before you get started is a smart thing to do. He or she knows the laws regarding Social Security disability inside and out and can therefore help you through the arduous process so that it is a little easier on your part. Attorneys such as Sara J. Frankel specialize in this area of the law so they can help you from beginning to end to increase your odds of a successful outcome.

Disability Can Be Difficult to Prove

Part of the problem associated with Social Security disability claims is that disability can sometimes be difficult to prove, especially if it is a mental disability. In all cases, you need extensive paperwork that includes assessments from doctors and other specialists and the best thing to do is consult an attorney before the original paperwork is filled out. However, even if you have applied and were denied, it is still easy to find a Social Security disability attorney who will help you through the appeal process, which always increases the odds that your appeal will be successful.