Why It’s Necessary to Talk to a Sexual Assault Attorney for Defense

Sexual assault is a serious matter that has many consequences. It’s not a charge that you should battle alone. You should consult with a sexual assault attorney in San Antonio who can defend you in the matter. Here’s why:

Up to 20 Years of Jail Time

You must schedule an appointment with a sexual assault attorney in San Antonio to protect your time, job and home life. A conviction could land you in a Texas prison for up to 20 years.

Ruined Reputation

A conviction of a sexual nature can ruin your reputation with family, friends, coworkers and the like. It could also cause you extreme problems obtaining a new job. It would be best for you in the end if you would talk to an attorney to see if he can do anything for you. Attorneys can challenge the accusing party and put the burden of proof on them. That means they’ll have to show proof of a sexual offense before the courts will issue a conviction. Attorneys can also help to reduce the penalty in the case of a conviction.

Sex Offender List

Finally, you may have to register as a sex offender if your particular case is relevant. Everyone in every neighborhood you intend to move to will be notified of your sex offender status.

As you can see, you have several things to protect by contacting an attorney. You should reach out and at least talk to one to see if he can help.

Contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez at https://www.jessehernandezlaw.com if you have received a charge for sexual assault.

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