Why the Service of a Bail Bondsman in Atlanta Is Better Than Time Served

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Legal Services

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When someone has been waiting in jail before trial and is then convicted and sentenced to a certain length of incarceration, the waiting time is subtracted. This is referred to as time served. Most people, however, would rather not wait behind bars, but prefer to be free until trial. They may need the help of a bail bondsman in Atlanta if they cannot afford cash bail.

The Problems With Time Served

Getting credit for time served at least is a consolation for those who are convicted and receive a prison sentence. However, what about a defendant who is found not guilty? There is no way to effectively compensate that individual for all the time that has been lost. Some defendants wait in jail for months before trial. This person has probably lost his or her job and may have lost the home, vehicle, and even a spouse. Lives are devastated when defendants are forced to stay behind bars although they have not been convicted of a crime.

Why Bail Bonds Aren’t Available to Everyone

Why doesn’t everyone who can’t afford bail arrange for a bail bond to be posted? First, not all states allow this service. Second, not everyone even has enough money to pay for the bonding fee, which typically is 10 percent of the cash bail amount. Third, a bail bondsman in Atlanta cannot provide the service to every potential customer. Those who appear to be a significant flight risk will not qualify. The bonding service does not want to be responsible for the cash bail that automatically becomes due if the defendant does not appear for a hearing or trial.

Making Progress Upon Release

A person who arranges for a bond with a service such as Free At Last Bail Bonds has the opportunity to make progress toward having the charges dropped or the possibility of a lenient sentence. For instance, someone who stole money from a convenience store can return the funds if the police were unable to locate the cash. This person might begin psychological counseling or outpatient alcohol rehab if alcohol was a factor in the decision to commit robbery.