Why You Need a Family Law Attorney in Lee’s Summit, MO for an Independent Adoption

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Lawyers

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Independent adoptions remain the preferred choice of many couples. Not only do the adoptive parents have more control over the process, the birth parents do as well. However, before any couple chooses this option, a Family Law Attorney in Lee’s Summit MO should be consulted. This helps to ensure no problems arise as the process moves forward.

The Advantages of an Independent Adoption

One reason many couples choose an independent adoption is it allows them to develop a close relationship. The birth parents and adoptive parents get to know each other better, which can be comforting. The adoptive parents feel more secure that the adoption will be finalized and not fall apart at the last minute. The birth parents get to know the people who will be raising their baby, and this gives them comfort. Furthermore, the adoption typically takes must less time than an adoption completed through an agency.

The Disadvantages of an Independent Adoption

One problem that many prospective parents encounter with an independent option is the restrictions that are placed on them by the state. Counseling often is not a part of the process either, and this can leave the adoption vulnerable. An attorney is of great help in preventing problems such as these, although there is no guarantee the birth parents won’t change their mind in the time frame provided by the state.

The Cost

Prospective adoptive parents need to consider the cost of independently adopting a child. For example, prospective parents need to conduct their own search for a birth couple and may be asked to pay any medical expenses of the mother relating to the pregnancy. Furthermore, the adoptive parents typically cover all legal costs associated with the adoption, and an adoptive parent or couple can easily spend $10,000 to complete these things. Take this into account when determining which type of adoption to complete.

Contact the Dana Outlaw Law Office if you wish to know more about independent adoptions and how they work. A Family Law Attorney in Lee’s Summit MO can provide specific information that will be of great help to the adoptive and birth parents along with answering other questions. The more couples know about the process, the easier it becomes to determine if an independent adoption is right for them. For many, it will be exactly what they need to feel comfortable with the process. You can also visit them on Facebook.