Working With a Medical Malpractice Lawyer

by | Jul 21, 2020 | Law

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Doctors are supposed to uphold a basic standard of care. This doesn’t mean that they do not make mistakes, but rather that they should take all care to prevent mistakes from occurring. When a doctor makes a significant mistake, acting outside of the basic standard of care, the person who was injured may have a medical malpractice claim against the doctor. However, insurance companies try to avoid, as much as possible, paying these claims so the person will need to hire a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago, IL, to help.

Medical malpractice falls under personal injury laws and most lawyers who take on these types of cases won’t ask for money for a consultation.

At the consultation visit, the person will need to give the lawyer all the information they have about the incident. They’ll need to tell their side of the story to the lawyer and how it has affected them since it occurred. The lawyer will review the information and listen to the person’s story to determine if there might be a case. If the situation does fall under medical malpractice, the lawyer can begin working on obtaining compensation for the person. This is usually a lengthy process and can be even longer if the case needs to go to court. However, the lawyer should keep their client up to date with the latest information on the case, so he or she knows how it is progressing.

A person who has been injured because of a doctor’s mistake may have a claim under medical malpractice. There are a lot of different details that will affect whether or not the claim is valid. Anyone who believes they have a case should first speak with a medical malpractice lawyer in Chicago, IL, for help. To know more visit us online at Shea Law Group.