Wrongful death is wrong – Someone should be held accountable!

by | Jul 4, 2012 | Law

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So many families suffer needlessly as a result of friends and loved ones who have passed away before their time. But when it’s known that their deaths could have been avoided, and that it was caused wrongfully, then the hurt is even deeper. It’s then time to consult with a wrongful death attorney in WA to chart your legal course of action.

By getting a wrongful death attorney in WA on board early on in the process, you will get the benefit of having a staunch ally in your camp, while you focus on grieving for your loved one.  In many instances, you may have a year or two before proceeding with legal action. However, waiting for too long could be to your disadvantage. Over time, witness accounts become unreliable and forgetful, and vital evidence can get lost or degraded. Therefore, quick action is prudent. Consult with a wrongful death attorney in WA quickly.

Friends and family are usually inclined to be more “forgiving” in their periods of grief. Therefore, do not make any decisions or sign any documents when in a state of mourning and stress. Your wrongful death attorney in WA can help you see the difference between a ” forgivable accident” and manslaughter.  Sometimes the differences are subtle, and easily overlooked by grieving laypeople unfamiliar with their rights.

The law provides you with suitable recourse for several types of wrongful death. A specialist wrongful death attorney in WA  can explain what the differences are. There can be deaths caused due to accidents, death as a result of using defective products, improper care and treatments at hospitals and nursing homes can cause wrongful deaths, and you can wrongfully suffer the death of a loved one at the hands of a negligent physicians.

The laws governing each of these situations are complex. Unless you have an experienced wrongful death attorney in WA on your side, you are likely to miss the nuances of the law. That would mean that not only could you jeopardize your chances for fair and equitable compensation for the death of a loved one, but more importantly, someone responsible for their deaths could potentially not be held accountable.

Given the nuances of such laws in each local jurisdiction, you should preferably look for a lawyer working for a law firm in your jurisdiction. A wrongful death attorney in WA practicing with a firm serving the greater Puget Sound area  would be your best choice.  And do not hire a relatively new firm either. Look for agencies that have been practicing the law for several decades. A firm that’s been in business for 25 years or more will represent you much more ably than someone that’s just opened their law office a few years ago.


Don’t face a wrongful death situation alone. With Putnam & Lieb  you’ll have the best wrongful death attorney in WA looking out for you,  so you can focus on grieving.