You Live in Greensboro, NC and are in Need of an Attorney to help you Apply for SSD

by | Mar 4, 2024 | Legal Services

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You live in Greensboro, North Carolina and you currently are in need of an attorney or law firm that can help you with the application for Social Security disability. You have worked since you were a teenager and paid into the Social Security fund. Recently you had a bad heart attack and now you can no longer work at the strenuous job you have held for decades.

Your doctor has made the suggestion that you apply to the Social Security Administration because he says that you will never be able to return to your previous work situation.

You have heard from a family member that the process to be awarded Social Security disability is very complicated and many people are denied upon the first application. This is not a process you want to go alone. You need a SSD lawyer Greensboro to help assure that that if you apply with the help of an SSD lawyer Greensboro you have a better chance at being accepted to the program.

Even if you are denied, a lawyer who is already your partner in the application process will be better able to help you appeal the ruling. You already understand that these are complicated processes and that an experienced law firm will make the process easier for you. With the right experience you know that you have a better chance of being accepted to a program that you really need.

You need to reach out to a law firm which can help you. That firm is Collins Price, PLLC and you can reach them through their website.