You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer In Stuart, FL

by | Oct 4, 2018 | Lawyers

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Car accident victims need to protect their rights. One way victims can achieve this is by refusing to make statements to anyone about the accident. The at-fault driver’s insurance company will reach out to the victim. The adjuster will seem concerned, but they do not work for victims. They work for an insurance company, and saving money is the bottom line. Next, get help from a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart FL.

Lawyers Are Advocates

Lawyers meet with clients to discuss how personal injury claims are handled. Further, they’ll want to get the client’s version of how the accident occurred. Finally, the lawyer explains the importance of negotiating with the insurance company. Some insurers are notorious for acting in bad faith. They try all sorts of things including denying liability. However, a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stuart FL gathers evidence to prove who was at fault. They get the accident report right away and interview witnesses.

Suppose the Driver Does Not Have Insurance?

Use uninsured motorists coverage if the at-fault party is uninsured. Everyone should have uninsured motorists coverage because it protects them. On the other hand, uninsured motorists coverage can act as under-insured coverage if the liable party’s insurance does not cover the damages. Serious injuries may require surgery and rehabilitation. Therefore, the medical bills are extremely high.

The Importance Of Medical Treatment

Before settling a claim, the client needs to make sure their injuries are fully treated. For instance, the doctor may be considering surgery for an injury. Any surgery should be completed before the case is settled. Consumers give up their rights to future claims when they sign settlement releases.

Settlement amounts are based on a number of things, including the severity of the injury. The lawyer factors in lost wages, medical bills, and the cost of any future medical treatment. Additionally, victims are entitled to damages for pain and suffering. The lawyer sends the settlement demand package to the adjuster and gives them a timeframe to respond.

Hopefully, the parties can agree on a settlement rather than going to court. It frequently takes a couple of years for personal injury cases to come to trial. To learn more, Visit the site of a personal injury attorney.