3 Important Questions To Ask Prospective Property Lawyers In Dubai

by | Aug 24, 2018 | Law And Lawyers

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With the dramatic increase in the benefits to businesses through tax advantages in free trade zones, Dubai has become a city and an emirate with significant growth. There is also unlimited growth potential ahead as free zones expand and are developed to include an increasing number of industry sectors and business types.

This expansion, both in the free zones as well as for mainland businesses, has also created a boom in the residential property market. Multifamily apartments, condos, and designed residential communities are in high demand in the city, which drives investors and developers.

Investing in residential or commercial property in Dubai can be complex. Working with experienced property lawyers to facilitate the purchase of any type of real estate is important. Finding the best lawyers starts with understanding their professional experience, expertise, and areas of specialisation.

Ask About Experience

There is no substitute for experience when it comes to property lawyers. Review information online and select a law firm with a strong presence and reputation in providing legal services for foreign investors. The longer the firm has been in business, the greater the experience level, particularly for international firms.

Ask About Past Projects

Asking about specific past projects the property lawyers have been involved is critical. For large investments of multiple story apartments and condos, it is essential the lawyer has successfully negotiated and designed contracts for these types of complex purchases and developments.

Ask About Specific Knowledge of UAE Property Laws

Verify the law firm and the lawyers have experience and expertise in UAE property law. They should also be able to manage contract negotiations and required legal services if the investor is also involved in the property development.

Top law firms have information available to their clients about their expertise, experience, and areas of legal practice. This makes information gathering easier, even for those living outside of the UAE. Contact STA Law Firm for more information.