Drunk Driving Attorneys in Woodland Hills CA Can Help Clients Know What to Expect

by | Feb 10, 2023 | Law And Lawyers

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If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence (DUI) in Woodland Hills, California, you may be feeling scared and unsure about the consequences you’re facing. This is understandable, as many individuals who are facing their first DUI charge often turn to online research to gain a better understanding of the possible penalties. While the maximum penalties can be frightening, there is a standard punishment that you can expect for a first DUI charge. To better understand what to expect, it’s wise to consult with experienced DUI attorneys in Woodland Hills, California.

Here’s What You to Expect When Facing a First DUI Charge:

Suspended License

If a person is convicted of DUI, they automatically lose their license for 90 days if they submitted to breath testing. The penalty for refusing the breath test is a minimum six-month suspension. However, this is just one thing a driver has to worry about before they hire drunk driving attorneys in Woodland Hills CA.

SR-22 Insurance Requirements

When someone loses their license because of a first DUI, many insurers will decline to cover them. Woodland Hills, CA, requires drivers to get an SR-22 form to prove adequate coverage before a license can be reinstated. This insurance comes at a high cost, which can be up to five times more than standard coverage.


Beyond a conviction on one’s record, a driver can expect to pay hefty fines if they plead to DUI charges. Fines depend on BAC, the driver’s conduct during the case, and their criminal record. Although an attorney may be able to negotiate fines to an extent, a Woodland Hills, CA, driver should expect to pay at least $600 in fines.

Court Costs

A person shouldn’t expect to get through the case by paying only the suggested fine. The state adds court costs, which can be as much as half of the fine amount. Therefore, the standard $600 fine can increase to $900 or more.

Mandatory Education

A person convicted of DUI must finish alcohol education courses as a condition of license reinstatement. There are two ways to do it: a weekend course or one that’s held during the week. While costs vary slightly, drivers can expect to pay a minimum of $450 for the course.

Required Counseling

Along with the above requirement, a high-risk DUI defendant must receive at least six counseling sessions before they can get a completion certificate for the alcohol education course. Counselors are available through the course’s administrator, and they typically cost about $80 per hour for a total of $480. Check out Karagozian & Rudolph, PC, today to schedule a consultation with drunk driving attorneys in Woodland Hills, CA.