5 Times to Do Estate Planning in DeKalb

by | May 9, 2017 | Law

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In every person’s life, there are births, deaths, ups, downs and changes. Estate planning documents should keep pace with these changes to reflect the family’s current makeup and the heirs the planner wants to reward. Below are five situations where people should commonly visit an attorney that handles estate planning in DeKalb.

First Marriages

Amid the festivities of a wedding, the last thing a person wants to think about is a trust or a will. However, it is essential for couples to take the time to include this life-changing event in their estate planning paperwork. A new spouse and a growing family will undoubtedly hold a place in the planner’s heart, and they should be included in one’s legacy.


With a subsequent marriage comes a substantial change to a planner’s family structure, and their estate planning should be modified to reflect these changes. If a person does not update their estate plan, they could include people who are no longer part of their life, or even worse, they could cut out someone who is actually very important.


A marriage’s end is an emotional and turbulent time, even under optimal circumstances. Once the atmosphere settles, ex-spouses should visit an attorney for additional estate planning in DeKalb. Changes such as will and trust amendments can be made with minimal hassle and stress.

Adoption and Birth

Whether it’s through birth or adoption, a new addition to a family is a joyous occasion. However, it is important to ensure that the new family member is taken care of in case something happens. Visit an attorney to establish a plan to protect the growing family.

Major Changes in Material Assets

Fortunes can change for better or worse, and a person’s estate plan should mirror those changes. If there have been major modifications to a person’s assets, they should work to keep their estate documents updated to avoid confusion and legal controversy later on.

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