Hire Real Estate Attorneys in Santa Barbara, CA to Help Fight Eminent Domain

by | May 10, 2017 | Lawyers

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Even though you may have paid off your mortgage and own your home, you can still have your property taken from you. In California, eminent domain laws allow private property to be taken for just compensation for public use purposes. If you’ve received notice about your property being needed to build a road, to build a police or fire station, or for other public purposes, here is how to fight eminent domain.

Hire an Attorney

If you’ve received a condemnation letter about your property, then you need to hire real estate attorneys in Santa Barbara, CA who are experienced with eminent domain cases. They can help you through the process and represent your interests starting with the valuation of your property. Even though you plan on fighting, it’s a good idea to meet with the assessor when he or she is scheduled to inspect your property.

Limit Contact with Agency

You shouldn’t volunteer any information about your property, such as improvements that have been made or problems you’ve experienced, to the public entity seeking to take it over. To keep from saying too much, have Santa Barbara real estate attorneys speak with them instead. They will know what to say and can avoid any questions that the entity may have about your property.

Get an Assessment

When you receive a letter about condemnation, have your own preliminary assessment done on your property. This will give you an updated idea of how much it is worth so that when you get an offer, you can either accept it or fight it with the real estate attorneys’ help. Most people lose eminent domain fights so it is a good idea to make contingency plans to find a new home and move when you receive a fair offer.

Although real estate attorneys can help you fight eminent domain, it can be a long and expensive battle.