A Bail Bond in Johnstown NY Provides a Method of Help for Low-Income Defendants

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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When people learn about the large numbers of men and women held in jail without being convicted of a crime, they may feel shocked. The problem is that these defendants cannot afford cash bail and neither can their families or closest friends. If bail was set too high, the defendants cannot even afford a bail bond in Johnstown NY. Some states do not even have the option of a bail bond.

Discrimination Due to Income

All of this leads many individuals to wonder why bail is even allowed in the United States, where the residents are supposed to all be considered equal in regard to their rights. Yet here, a wealthy person charged with murder can pay the high bail set by a judge while a low-income person is held behind bars after being charged with burglary. A wealthy person might even decide to purchase service for a bail bond in Johnstown NY rather than tap into investments and other savings.

People who believe in the fairness of the judicial system have trouble accepting the relationship between financial status and confinement in jail. Often, however, whether a defendant is released before their trial has less to do with the charges than with the amount of money the person has. Defendants who do not have much in savings, do not own real estate, and live paycheck to paycheck also are those who tend to be most harmed by having to stay incarcerated without conviction. Unless they can make a quick plea bargain with the prosecution, they are likely to lose their jobs, their home, and maybe even their marriage and children.

A Questionable Situation

It may make sense for a judge to deny bail altogether when a defendant is not only charged with a serious crime but has a history of violent behavior or a long list of previous offenses. When someone does not have this kind of criminal history and has been a productive member of the community, it might seem that keeping the person locked up without a conviction is questionable. Anyone who needs help with obtaining a bail bond may contact Business Name.