What Can a Bail Bond Company In Burleson Texas Do?

by | Oct 28, 2019 | Bail Bonds

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In Texas, criminal defendants could acquire a bail bond if they cannot afford the full bail value. The bail bond is provided after the defendant or a representative pays the fee. The fee is up to fourteen percent of the total bail value. A local bail bond company in Burleson Texas provides details about their services and bail bonds.

Managing Different Types of Bail Bonds

The bail bondsman manages state or county bail bonds along with federal bonds. Select bondsmen provide immigration bonds for individuals who are facing deportation. However, the risk involved in providing a bond determines whether or not the bondsman chooses to supply it to a defendant. Several factors apply to each individual case that could affect the case. For example, if an immigrant acquires a bail bond and flees the country, the bondsman is responsible for the full bail value and is less likely to recover it.

Seizure of Collateral

If the defendant fails to appear in court, the judge signs a bench warrant, and the bond is revoked. Any property that was used as collateral is seized by the bail bondsman. Typically, the collateral is sold to help the bondsman collect the full balance of the bail value. The bondsman files the appropriate documentation through the court to take the assets.

Can the Defendant Acquire a New Bail Bond?

The defendant cannot acquire a new bail bond if their bond is revoked by the court. Typically, any defendant that fails to appear once is considered a flight risk and isn’t eligible for bail. If the defendant has a history of FTAs, most bail bondsmen won’t provide a bail bond for them.

When Does the Defendant Receive a Bail Value?

In cases where bail is required, the defendant must attend an arraignment. During the arraignment, the defendant is charged formally, and the judge determines if bail is available. Prosecutors who believe the defendant is a risk to the public submit requests to deny bail.

In Texas, criminal defendants purchase a bail bond to acquire a release from the county jail. The options are more affordable than paying the full bail value and could help them get released faster. Defendants who need the help of a bail bond company in Burleson Texas are encouraged to visit  right now.