A Car Accident Attorney in Bellingham Can Answer Your Questions

After an automobile accident happens, there are a lot of questions about car repairs, payment of medical bills, and what will happen in the future. When an individual isn’t at fault for their injuries, they should contact a car accident attorney in Bellingham to schedule a free consultation and receive answers to their questions.

Victims could receive compensation for hospital bills, physical therapy and therapeutic equipment, lost wages, pain, and suffering. They should never accept an offer from an insurance company without it being reviewed by an experienced personal injury lawyer.

How Much Is a Case Worth?

An attorney will never be able to provide a victim with the exact amount of compensation they should receive for their injuries. The amount of money a victim receives is based on various factors. The type and severity of the injuries and how the injuries affect an individual’s daily activities will be factored into the final settlement amount.

Accepting an Offer

Victims can be easily intimidated by the insurance company and think they’re going to lose their case if they don’t settle. Insurance companies are only interested in retaining as much money as possible. Insurance companies usually offer a very low settlement to victims hoping they will accept it.

Once the victim signs a settlement, they will not be able to make another claim for damages against the insurance company, which is why they should never agree to a settlement before their medical treatment is complete.

Why Should an Attorney Be Hired?

A car accident attorney in Bellingham should be hired because personal injury law is too complex. Victims could lose an opportunity to receive a large financial settlement if they are not properly represented. A personal injury lawyer will only collect a percentage of the final settlement if they win the case. If they lose the case, the victim does not have to pay the attorney any money.

If you or a close friend or family member was injured in a car accident, contact the Allen Law Firm. They have years of experience successfully representing car accident victims in Bellingham. Find us on Facebook!

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