A Car Injury Attorney’s Account Of Factors Deciding The Compensation Amount

by | Dec 19, 2012 | Personal Injury

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The sharp rise in the number of auto accidents over the past five years is a clear indicator of the results of careless driving. Out of all the road accidents that have occurred till date, there are less chances of the issue being resolved outside court. Therefore, in case you are involved in even a minor accident, it becomes necessary for you to start on a search for an experienced car injury attorney. When you find an experienced lawyer, the next most important step is to decide the amount of compensation to be demanded.

In most car injury cases, the driver of the car and the other passengers in it suffer injuries and are required to undertake medical treatment that leads to extra expenses. The main job of the lawyer is to recover the monetary losses suffered by his client by moving the court to decide in his favor. Here are the main aspects that decides the amount of money to be demanded in compensation.

Property damage: This refers to the physical property that has undergone damage in the accident. The car damages fall under this category. Also, the prices of important articles that have been damaged in the crash, like mobiles, handycams, important documents, CDs, and so on, are included in the compensation amount.

Lost Wages: When the main earning member of the family is involved in an accident, he is unable to attend work due to the injuries he has suffered. This affects the financial condition of the family dependent on him. The compensation amount includes the amount of money that the victim has lost a chance to earn because of the injuries.

Loss of Future Earning Capacity: In cases of serious injuries, some victims may suffer a permanent physical impairment. This reduces their chances to earn in future in the same manner as they were before the accident. The party responsible for the accident must then pay for the loss of future earnings that affects the life of the victim and his family.

Medical Bills: The victim of the accident needs to go through intensive medical treatment in order to regain his physical health condition. The medical bills are to be included in the amount of money demanded as compensation.

In Houston, car injury attorneys are aware of these factors that help them decide the compensation amount. The residents of this area must make use of their expertise in order to recover adequate compensation for the losses they suffer in car accidents.

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