Can Injuries In The Workplace Affect The Status Of Professional Licensure?

by | Dec 19, 2012 | Legal Services

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Workers comp Salisbury

Workers comp Salisbury

In short: it depends. Workers comp (AKA workers compensation) is basically a form of short-term disability insurance paid for by the employer. The injured employee will receive wages and benefits for a time in exchange for willingly relinquishing his or her legal right to sue the employer for negligence. After that, the employee can be given “light work” until a full recovery is made. In the event no light work is available, the employee can be terminated. For example, if a doctor in Salisbury working in an emergency room suffered a shattered nose as a result of being struck by a patient, he or she would likely have expenses associated with a necessary operation covered, paid time off, and later be able to return to practicing medicine. Workers comp in Salisbury, like almost the entire United States, should cover necessary expenses and recovery time without too many complications.

However, if the doctor working in the emergency room suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) after being struck by a patient that left him or her with a severe cognitive impairment at work, it would be the legal responsibility of the practitioner to relinquish his or her medical license. In the event that he or she could or would not do so, any colleagues aware of the situation would be obligated to report him or her to the state licensure board. In this scenario, workers comp in Salisbury becomes less straightforward. What legal action can be taken to assist a client who is cognitively unable to handle most jobs due to an incident that happened on the job? The doctor who suffered the severe TBI with lasting consequences obviously cannot continue to practice medicine in any capacity as he or she would pose a threat to patients. The entire scenario is heartbreaking, and it is imperative that an attorney who has experience with workers comp cases in Salisbury becomes involved.

Workers comp in Salisbury or anywhere else in the United States is not always as straightforward as it might seem. When a worker suffers an injury that renders him or her unable to perform the profession he or she is trained in (e.g. a doctor) or find meaningful work elsewhere, the effectiveness of workers comp becomes increasingly unclear as are the rights of the employee and employer. It is important to find quality legal counsel to guide you or your loved one during a very difficult time. In the event of permanent and severe disability, it is imperative to exercise every legal right you have to effectively plan for future situations and expenses.

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